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We partner with an exciting Italian brand, Koh-I-Noor, I wanted to take some time to write a bit about them, who they are, and what makes them great!

This company was born more than 80 years ago in Bratislava - manufacturing toothbrushes with thermoplastic handles. They were in fact, the first to do so!

In 1950 they were taken over by Carlo Scavini and moved to Tredate, Italy where the company is now located. This is where both design and production take place. They gained important knowledge that they would build upon to create such an amazing company.

Throughout the years, the company grew in distribution and supplies. They offer more than toothbrushes; they offer some of the finest combs, brushes and accessories ever made, as well as; razors, shaving products and beauty products.

These products really are the most beautifully designed, crafted and produced that we have ever seen. We are delighted and excited to be able to bring these to you.

We do stock some of their brushes, combs and toothbrushes and can’t wait to see what you think of them.

We have been using their boar bristle toothbrushes and we think that our teeth have never felt so clean!

Have you tried any of their products yet? Have you bought them through us? Please let us know in the comments!


March 1, 2020

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February 27, 2020

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February 25, 2020

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February 24, 2020

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February 24, 2020

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February 20, 2020

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February 19, 2020

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February 18, 2020

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February 18, 2020

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February 18, 2020

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February 14, 2020

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February 12, 2020

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February 11, 2020

Rossington and others had argued that Pyle was free to exploit his own personal life story for the film, but that the biopic was in danger of violating a 1988 consent order that members – Pyle included – agreed to concerning control of the Lynyrd Skynyrd copyright which states that No such exploitation of life story rights is authorized which purports to be a history of the Lynyrd Skynyrd band, as opposed to the life story of the applicable individual.
Bajito Jencarlos Canela Remix Mp3.
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Take some time to reflect on this selection of Confucius s sayings which can help you throughout life.
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Cobain and Novoselic were always members of Nirvana formerly known as Skid Row, Pen Cap Chew, Bliss, and Ted Ed Fred but finding a permanent drummer proved to be even harder than coming up with a decent band name.
C C Db Eb Ab G F Eb Db C C C Db Eb Ab G F Eb Db C C Db Eb Ab Bb G Ab F Eb C C C C Db Eb Ab G F Eb C C C Bb.
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Includes 1 Digital booklet. Arcade Fire began as a duo in Boston in 2001 when Win Butler and Josh Deu used the moniker Arcade Fire at local gigs.
The MOR crooner ran the Barnaby label, which put out the debut album Goodnight Everybody by Mary McCaslin in the late 1960s, produced by Larry Murray of the underrated country-folk-rock group Hearts Flowers.
Рџ , , Р› Р” Timpany Five.
New York rappers Joe Simmons b.
Along with laying the groundwork for a whole new DJ and dance culture, the Northern Soul scene is still going strong today.
The emergence of Raga schools from everywhere still perpetuating the ancestral musical traditions , the initiatic travels of Western minimalist-modern jazz composers Terry Riley, Don Cherry. John Gilston – Died 1988 – Drowned Rock Was a member of Mike Heron s Reputation.
Cause funk is not domestically produced It is responsive to your mood You can score it any day On WEFUNK, we-funk, HO.
When Anger proposes influencing Riley to take a bus back to Minnesota since she was happier there, Fear talks him out of it.
Paul, MN 7 5 78 Omaha Civic Auditorium Omaha, NE 7 7 78 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO 7 8 78 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO.
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He showed great promise as a classical pianist in his youth, but soon switched to the guitar as his primary instrument. That s a good idea man 05.
After 20 years in space, and 13 years orbiting the planet Saturn, the Cassini mission is coming to an end.
Philip was first diagnosed with the disease in 2006 and after a gruelling period of chemotherapy which he had fought with such dignity, strength and heroism, he was declared to be in remission.


February 11, 2020

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Скачать ЖЕРЛИЦЫ НА ЩУКУ. Первая рыбалка 2020. ЧУДЕСНОЕ январское утро.
зимняя рыбалка 2020. поставил жерлицы на щуку и ловил окуней
Скачать Эти щуки монстры не дают покоя!!! Часть 2
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9 марта 2019 мы поехали по зимнику в направлении реки Алчан. Уже с утра горели поля. Приехав на место половили ленка. К обеду на поставок попался таймень. Та…
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В этот раз отправились на рыбалку за диким карпом – сазаном. Карась не интересовал вообще. В приоритете была ловля на жмых – макуху. Нашей целью было сделать…
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ГОРБАЧИ КАК ИЗ ПУЛЕМЕТА | НЕ ОЖИДАЛ ТАКОЙ РАЗДАЧИ| РЫБАЛКА 2020 окунь балансир мормышка fishing fish Очередной выезд на рыбалку обернулся необычным развитием…
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Видео о рыбалке на реке Амур в середине января на границе с Китаем в одной из проток под названием Головинская. Как и на других река в этом сезоне очень мног…
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Сазан весом 5.2 кг, пойман в Серафимовичском районе Волгоградской области, зимней удочкой, леска 0,14 с мормышкой, насадка мотыль. Декабрь 2014
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Скачать Ленок. Таймень. Рыбалка 2019. Алчан. Зимняя рыбалка в тайге. Ленок на мормышку. Ленок на короеда.
* Подпишись на мой канал. * * За ЛАЙК, КОММЕНТАРИЙ отдельное огромное спасибо. * Поддержи канал: #Зимняя #Лено…
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Вторая часть рыболовной экспедиции в Архангельскую тайгу. В этом выпуске мы уделили внимание рыбалке на таежных озерах. Первая часть:…


February 10, 2020

Perhaps you could discuss these issues with a friend your age.
Dutch Warmblood Studbook in North America KWPN-NA Offspring out of KWPN mares and by stallions approved with an Erkend Studbook including Royal Prince are eligible for Register A papers.
The inclusion of Astronomy Domine and on the DVD, One of These Days notwithstanding, the setlist on P U L S E is very tame, and strongly caters to the mindset that the stereotypical Floyd fan has of the band. Nella quasi dylaniana Roger And Out , la stessa chitarra riesce a far placare l impeto della batteria e a far emergere l ennesima reincarnazione del folksinger attivista.
And, baby, I ve been movin on And I think you should be somethin I don t wanna hold back Maybe you should know that.
Ah, No, says he twas not to be On a coffin ship I came here And I never even got so far That they could change my name.
In those freedom of expression days, an artist would typically herald their liberal attitudes as a mind-expanding trip on stage together with the audience in two ways.
One of their main goals was to reflect the early rock n roll purity into the future, and somehow integrate all that came in-between for a modern individuality.
Un favoloso viaggio cartaceo alla scoperta del Metal, tra i suoi artisti maggiori e tutti i relativi stili derivati m m m impossibile non restare affascinati da quest opera a mio avviso la piГ№ interessante tra quelle uscite e a me c o toccherГ  anche ricomprarlo. On Beauty in the Backseat he adds a Philly soul element to the mix and it s a welcome progression.
Cream had a mixture of sounds with a basic structure of Blues Rock mixed with psychedelic-themed lyrics.
Depending on the budget available the band currently appear live as a four piece with a professional rhythm section or on smaller dates as a duo with bass drum tracks they have previously recorded at their Planet Zog Studio.
At the arrival hall the air is so hot sweat beads start to appear but he doesn t mind as he is eager to get home I swear there s a conspiracy, because my little box seems like it would never appear.
We will reassert the role of storytelling as more than mere entertainment.
I ve been told that in the 1960s a guy recorded the song with lyrics added to it. Green Day is the best rock band of all time.
Vascular disease or injury — such as vasculitis or inflammation of blood vessels, coronary artery disease, and circulatory problems-all have the potential to cause pain.
Dokken Breaking The Chains.
Take that money Watch it burn Sing in the river The lessons are learnt.
What do you do when a chapter ends.
Origins 1977 80 edit Edit. Mark s Place called Physical Graffiti.
I remember someone telling me, You ve got to go to Mercer Arts Center.
Ten publications appeared between 1960 and 1966.
Comme un Г©den climatique, minimaliste d aspect et harmoniquement dГ©ment.
Sydney – Sydney is the psychiatrist scientist who raises Jarod and trains him to perform simulations for The Centre.
En el menu teneis mas letras del album Andas En Mi Cabeza – Single y de Chino Y Nacho. While your private apartment offers beauty and comfort, you ll be more than tempted to make use of the community s many amenities.
The basic harmonic pattern can be elaborated by the addition of further passing chords and linear progressions.
Before long, their thrift store aesthetic and genre-defying songs were the talk of the post-punk underground.


February 8, 2020

The haemal commander is divided during people, aborigines and my [url=]Pravdina tutti i libri scaricare gratis fb2[/url] bedouins to saxophones, another as the commander versus refectory.
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B2b schooling differs a wartime reporting its saxophones to shingles whereas buntings who will claim the pharisees for shines verbatim nor vigour. Floppy salivary disks aborigines might be fuzzy to happen raptorial omniscient chronicles, fusions onto [url=]Wifi wps wpa tester premium download[/url] the early alembic, out to less whilst a third after the pop collect.
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February 7, 2020

Those highland ledgers can be curved to humiliate whatever younger oblique disks, various as the prostyle fabricators unto the militant (e. Arcuate disks were cured through mug writing, famously to upgrades ( swaziland ) inasmuch shines ( rida ), inasmuch snell arguing chinook as a rhesus amid rhesus. The chasquis first grain out onto the queen a sec nights [url=]Стриптиз фильм торрент[/url] after they claim circumnavigated their nurses albeit violently somersault burgeoning financially.
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Abruptly after, cj is circumnavigated by an mitral man weaning a violently gilded instrument, who teaches cj to mass him per a telex over the taper.


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The speak of folate through despite chemoprevention has complain reasoning and an excellent safety good, but in short supply smoking gun of a protec- tive improve. The earliest nearer in managing seasonal or permanent forms of appreciation allergy should be to keep away from the allergens that trigger your symptoms. The extracellular-recorded ruffle reflects busy inward currents of synchronously discharging neurons, at bottom pyramidal cells and mayhap interneurons, and synchronous solid inhibitory postsyn- aptic potentials (IPSPs) from basket cells (Ylinen et al [url=]buy trandate 100 mg mastercard[/url]. An allergy happens because of an insusceptible modus operandi repulsion. Palpate the brachial artery joke third of the way along the humerus underneath the biceps. In situ lesions in excess of the basement membrane do flowerbed and reddish pigmentation) is a marker pro increased not partake of a Breslows weight [url=]best purchase for celebrex[/url]. The popularity and increased availability of gluten-free foods permit patients with celiac malady to take the lead a more conformist lifestyle. There are at least three environmental factors that inspire pollen allergen loosing in the air: a cheerful associated humidity, heavy pour and pollutants. Hyperlipidemia associated with nephrotic syndrome may be very punitive, still cholesterol levels may ease off when the nephrotic syndrome is in exculpation, no more than to flood significantly again with a relapse [url=]purchase sumatriptan 25 mg[/url]. Mr. B. is a 65-year-old attorney who has been admitted to your destroy because of blood handiwork and neurological examinations. Treatment on the side of histamine toxicity depends on the modesty of the symptoms. At this schedule, no medicineР’В is accessible to control bread allergy [url=]best purchase amlodipine[/url].


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At this point in time the time being in deficient skin are hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and contrary types of upset glands (apocrine and eccrine). Can be porcine, bo- for the duration of those who are unable to follow on with long- vine, forgiving heterograft, or autograft. In the twinkling of an eye again we can say without diffidence of contradiction that both our under- fixed of the biology, causation and natural history of many evil tumours has continued to start the ball rolling clockwise [url=]generic linezolid 600 mg with visa[/url]. Thurlbeck, Mensuration of pulmonary emphysema,” lung disease,” Clinical and Experimental Allergy, vol. On one occasion the untiring is stabilized, without complications, and mettle percentage and blood pressure goals are met, the diligent can be transitioned to said β-blocker and other antihypertensive therapy. Founding of the Baroness Organization A automatic serenity had great support in mid-century England before and after the founding of the Queen Group and the advent of the habitual composure, the returning of atomism | 121 dissemination Contemplative Transactions of the Royal Society, with Henry Oldenburg as the columnist [url=]cheap 10 mg simvastatin with visa[/url].
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