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The Lions Barber Collective

Posted by Ken J R Hermes on

For those of you that don’t know, The Lions Barber Collective is an international group of top barbers, working together to spread awareness of mental health and suicide prevention.

You see, us men will speak about anything in a barber shop. Wives, Mistresses, Cars, Drugs… but quite often not our state of mind. Tom Chapman and co are looking to change that with immediate effect, working alongside top charities PAPYRUS and PIETA HOUSE, the barbers are initiating conversations with their clients in order to provide a free and non-judgemental environment.

The mantra of the Lions is simple;

Recognise, Talk, Listen and Advise.

Tom explained that, because barbers have to be so “up close and personal” with their clients, that the trust is already there. The next step is changing the direction of conversation and actively asking about their mental health.

Our interaction with Tom actually came a little while before the birth of The Lions. Tom is a brand ambassador for Fit For Vikings and has been working with our products for a while. This was a perfect opportunity for us to collaborate once more, releasing a signature scent specifically for The Lions Barber Collective, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the amazing cause.

The guys have had quite a year already and have travelled all over the globe promoting mental wellbeing, with support from top sports stars along the way. 2017 is only set to get better, with trips to Brazil, United Arab Emirates and Canada already planned for Tom and co.

Check out the Lions website and give them some love on their social media channels; Facebook and Instagram.

Be sure to check out the guys behind this amazing cause, and check on updates in the Charity pages of the new Barber EVO Magazine.

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