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Viking of the month: Jony Smith, part 1 of 2

Posted by Ken J R Hermes on

We caught up with Jony Smith, legendary comb smith, to see what comb making was all about, and the benefits of using an ox horn comb.

“It all started nearly 3 years ago. I have a beard and went to a shop in Sheffield and bought some beard oil. I was speaking to the guy in the shop who also had a beard and he mentioned that he was struggling to find a decent comb. At the time, my hobby/part time job was making jewellery – so I had a lot of tools! I did some research online and found that horn was the best material because it’s made of Keratin, like hair. It helps the hair, it doesn’t cause static like other combs do.” Jony explained.

“I sourced some Ox Horn from Scotland and set about making some combs. The first few were a bit hit and miss. A barbershop in Sheffield called Savills took some off of me and sold some for me. They really helped to spread the word. I managed to get the combs looking a lot better and set up my own website to start selling them.” Jony continues.

Having seen Jony’s combs around, and knowing he supplies to multiple beard companies, I asked him how this started…

Brighton Beard Company bought a batch wholesale, about 500 actually. I produce a custom comb for Fit for Vikings. A guy in Switzerland also buys them wholesale. I obviously sell them on my website too. They go all over the world to be honest!”

I was intrigued to see the scale of Jony’s company and how the production process happens...

“A team? No, it’s just me! All the combs are hand cut with a jewellers saw. I cut them out, sand them down and then sand them with an even finer sandpaper. I then polish them up and oil them to seal them; it also stops them smelling so ‘cowy’”.

I explained that when I use plastic combs on my beard, I find that hair split easily, and I have taken to a wooden comb. I was interested to see Jony’s perspective on Wood VS Horn.

Jony passionately explained, “A horn comb is more effective because of what it is made out of. It glides a lot smoother and helps to spread and distribute the beard oil a lot better, whereas wooden combs can retain a lot of oil.”

Jony currently offers a range of products including a beard rake which fits in to your jean pockets, which is ideal for smaller beards. He also offers a moustache comb, and two new products for bigger beards; a bigger rake and a wide tooth comb. Jony also offers exclusive combs to Fit for Vikings.

You can check out the full range here of Jony Smiths combs at his website.

Or you can buy the exclusive FFV beard comb here online

Part 2 will be published on Sunday the 5th of February. 

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