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Beard Brush Beard Brush Beard Brush

Beard Brush

Beard Brush


This Beard Brush has wild boar bristles and is made from cellulose acetate which is a natural and renewable material derived from cotton and wood pulp. It has turtle coloring effect and is extremely strong. The environmentally friendly material boasts a warmth and aesthetic that can only be found in nature. 

A Beard Brush is an essential tool for anyone spotting a majestic beard. It helps getting rid of dead skin cells, stimulates the skins blood circulation, untangles the beard and last but maybe most importantly distributes the beard oil throughout the beard. 

Best way to clean a boar bristle brush is to rinse it off in warm water and let it dry with the bristles facing downwards. However best is to keep a dry brush with the bristles facing upwards in a dry place.

Handmade in Italy

Size: 11 x 5 cm